Welcome to GNU-HylaFAX

The GNU-HylaFAX package is a pure Java API designed to implement the client protocol portion of the hfaxd client-server protocol server.

The are 4 modules in this project:

  1. INET-FTP Module:

    This is an implementation of an FTP Client. We've worked to make this library compliant with the FTP RFC, RFC0959.

  2. Core Module:

    The core module contains everything necessary to interface with HylaFAX server. This module is dependent on the inet-ftp module.

  3. Client Pool Module:

    The client pool module contains a client pool implementation that allows for pooling clients for quick access. This module is dependent on the inet-ftp and core modules.

  4. Utilities Module:

    The utilities module contains some utility classes that show some of the uses of the API. They give some examples about how to use the API. This module is dependent on inet-ftp, core and pool modules.

The HylaFAX server is being actively developed in 2 forks, HylaFAX (http://www.hylafax.org) and HylaFAX+ (http://hylafax.sourceforge.net). GNU-HylaFAX is currently compatible with both servers. While compatibility is not guaranteed we will strive to continue to provide a viable API for both choices.

The available parameters and commands that can be sent to the hfaxd server can be can be found in the hfaxd manpage

  1. Hylafax HFAXD Manual Page
  2. Hylafax+ HFAXD Manual page

Learing about GNU-HylaFAX

Documentation for the most part is non-existent. Some examples can be viewed in the Utilities module. Any help in documenting the package would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Client Example
  2. Client Pool Example
  3. Fax Status Example (List Method)

How to Get Support

Many questions can be answered by reviewing th hfaxd manual pages (links above) and by looking at the examples in the Utilities modules. Other questions can be submitted to the Mailing Lists.

Please file bug reports on the Sourceforge Issue Tracker.