Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.3 2009-03-10
1.0.2 2008-11-07
1.0.1 2008-07-10
1.0.0 2008-02-26
1.0.0-rc2 2008-02-14
1.0.0-rc1 2008-01-07
1.0.0-b2 2007-07-10
1.0.0-b1 2007-05-09

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Release 1.0.3 - 2009-03-10

Type Changes By
Added answer command. Thanks to Jonas Wolz sjardine
Added form command to specify data transfer format. Thanks to Jonas Wolz sjardine

Release 1.0.2 - 2008-11-07

Type Changes By
Moved the setSoLinger back to immediately prior to close. I don't like this but it seems to work better. sjardine
Updated the jnew and Job comstructors to select the default job prior to creating a new job. This way the new job will always inherit from the default unless the user decides otherwise. sjardine
Dropped support for JDK1.3. JDK1.3 should still work but the jar will be built using JDK1.4 by default. sjardine

Release 1.0.1 - 2008-07-10

Type Changes By
Moved setSoLinger calls to immediately following socket creation. Set the timeout to 0.25 seconds. Hopefully this will make sure the call succeeds. sjardine
Prepared poms for inclusion into the Maven 2 repository. sjardine
Removed logging package in favor of apache's commons logging. This is ultimately more flexible then our package that provides similar functionality. sjardine

Release 1.0.0 - 2008-02-26

Type Changes By
Revised web site documentation. Added global menu items. Added code examples. Site should now function properly and fairly intuitively. sjardine
Fixed a number of memory leaks and socket issues. This should fix the rampant use of file descriptors and sockets. Thanks to Lieven Poelman sjardine
Added setDebug method to HylaFAXClientProtocol. Thanks to Jonas Wolz sjardine
Addis site and config methods to the Client interface and HylaFAXClientProtocol. This allows for setting site and site config parameters on the server. sjardine

Release 1.0.0-rc2 - 2008-02-14

Type Changes By
Added setSoLinger call to prevent CLOSE_WAIT and TIME_WAIT socket states. Thanks to Lieven Poelman sjardine
Integrated TimeParser class into the setSendTime and setKillTime functions. sjardine
Helper class for parsing SENDTIME and LASTTIME values. An examples is "now + 5 minutes". Thanks to Stefan Uterhofer sjardine

Release 1.0.0-rc1 - 2008-01-07

Type Changes By
Removed some potential programming problems. Parameter shadowing. Local variable shadowing. sjardine

Release 1.0.0-b2 - 2007-07-10

Type Changes By
FTPClientProtocol no longer throws an exception when code 130 warnings are present. sjardine
Added support for line continuations. sjardine
Removed duplicate code when doing a get or put. sjardine

Release 1.0.0-b1 - 2007-05-09

Type Changes By
Added a retry function to the Client interface. sjardine
Starting initial code cleanup using Checkstyle and Sun's Conventions. Still lots left to do. sjardine
Changed interfaces for Client and ClientPool to be consistent with each other. sjardine
Added new null checks. sjardine
Removed obsolete files. sjardine
Converted site documentation over to Apache's Maven's Site. sjardine
Created separate modules inet-ftp, core, pool, and utils. sjardine
Converted build system to Apache's Maven. sjardine
Switched version control system from cvs to subversion. sjardine
Fixed problem with clients in the pool not getting released properly. Thanks to Thomas Papendieck sjardine